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Research identifies key weakness in modern computer vision systems

Brown News Office

In a finding that could point the way toward better computer vision systems, Brown University researchers show why computers are so bad at seeing when one thing is not like another.

Posted July, 2018

Focus on early stage of illness may be key to treating ALS, study suggests

Brown News Office

Many inhibitory neurons were lost early in the development of ALS, new research shows, which is in sharp contrast to other degenerative diseases.

Posted March, 2018

U. conference explores future of artificial intelligence

Brown Daily Herald

Interdisciplinary workshop brings together professors, students from diverse academic fields

Posted January, 2018

Researchers gather at Brown to discuss next-generation artificial intelligence

Brown News Office

Technology known as deep learning has fueled an AI revolution, but a workshop series kicking off at Brown this week will consider where the field might go from here. Article by Kevin Stacey.

Posted January, 2018

A New Knock-In TDP-43 Mouse Enters the ALS Ring

ALS Research Forum

An emerging mouse model may help scientists identify early changes that occur in ALS that could be targeted in the disease. Article by Richard Robinson.

Posted December, 2017

Artificial intelligence helps scientists map behavior in the fruit fly brain


Can you imagine watching 20,000 videos, 16 minutes apiece, of fruit flies walking, grooming, and chasing mates? Fortunately, you don’t have to, because scientists have designed a computer program that can do it faster. Aided by artificial intelligence, researchers have made 100 billion annotations of behavior from 400,000 flies to create a collection of maps linking fly mannerisms to their corresponding brain regions. Article by Ryan Cross.

Posted July, 2017