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Research in the Serre lab focuses on understanding the brain mechanisms underlying visual recognition

Our long-term goal is to help realize one of the oldest dreams in artificial intelligence: to reverse-engineer the brain and build machines that can see and interpret the visual world as well as humans do. Achieving such an ambitious goal would give scientists a powerful tool to uncover and understand key mechanisms of human perception and cognition and create a new generation of “seeing” machines. To tackle this problem, the Serre lab combines experimental and computational work to try to answer fundamental questions in visual perception from invariant visual recognition as well as color, motion and depth processing to attention and eye movements. In addition, an active area of research in the Serre lab is the development of computer vision systems for the automated analysis of animal and human behavioral data.

Prospective students

Student with a strong computational background (modeling, computer science, engineering) with an interest in brain and cognitive sciences are encouraged to apply. Brown undergraduate students interested in working in the lab for pay or credit should email us directly (see contact below). Prospective graduate students should apply via the Brown Graduate Admission Page to either the graduate program in Cognitive, Linguistics & Psychological Sciences or Neuroscience. Brown offers a myriad of possibility for collaborations with both theorists  and experimentalists affiliated with the initiative for Computation in Brain & Mind.


Our work is currently supported by NSF early career award (IIS-1252951), DARPA young faculty award (N66001-14-1-4037) and the Human Frontier Science Program (RGP0006/2015). Additional support is provided by the Brown Institute for Brain Sciences (BIBS), the Center for Vision Research (CVR) and the Center for Computation and Visualization (CCV). Previous work has been funded by ONR (N000141110743),  DARPA (N10AP20013) and the Robert J. and Nancy D. Carney Fund for Scientific Innovation.

Address & Contact

Metcalf Building, Room 015
190 Thayer St, Providence, RI 02912