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Compositionally in Neural Networks

Carney Institute of Brain Science

PhD student Michael Lepori discusses new approaches to studying compositionality in neural network models in a recent Carney Community Spotlight.

Posted January, 2024

Finding the art in artificial intelligence

Brown News Office

When design and neural networks mix the results are both practical and innovative.

Posted May, 2019

Brown researchers teach computers to see optical illusions

Brown News Office

By making a neural-network computer model that can be fooled by optical illusions like humans, the researchers advanced knowledge of the human visual system and may help improve artificial vision.

Posted September, 2018

Research identifies key weakness in modern computer vision systems

Brown News Office

In a finding that could point the way toward better computer vision systems, Brown University researchers show why computers are so bad at seeing when one thing is not like another.

Posted July, 2018

Focus on early stage of illness may be key to treating ALS, study suggests

Brown News Office

Many inhibitory neurons were lost early in the development of ALS, new research shows, which is in sharp contrast to other degenerative diseases.

Posted March, 2018

University conference explores future of artificial intelligence

Brown Daily Herald

Interdisciplinary workshop brings together professors, students from diverse academic fields

Posted January, 2018