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David Mély Graduate Student

David Mély is a fifth-year graduate student in the CLPS Department. Before coming to Brown, he graduated in 2011 from the École Polytechnique (BS. and MS.) in France where he studied mathematics, theoretical physics and biology. He is interested in formulating a theory for extra-classical receptive fields through computational modeling. He also works on the processing of multiple visual cues (color, motion, stereo, luminance, texture) using a common framework of computational abstractions inspired from neurophysiology that includes, but is not limited to, divisive normalization and lateral connections.

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  1. Youssef Barhomi
  1. Bill Warren
  2. David Sheinberg
  3. Deborah Levy
  4. Fulvio Domini
  5. Gabriel Kreiman
  6. Hilde Kuehne
  7. Jun Zhang
  8. Kevin Bath
  9. Maxime Cauchoix
  10. Michele Piana
  1. Ali Arslan (PhD)
  2. Carl Olsson
  3. David Reichert (Postdoc)
  4. Eric Sanford (Honors)
  5. Guillaume Riesen (Honors)
  6. Hueihan Jhuang (Postdoc)
  7. Imri Sofer (PhD)
  8. Jennifer Corbett (Postdoc)
  9. Jonah Cader (Honors)
  10. Mason Mcgill
  11. Michael Spector (MSc)
  12. Robin Martens (Honors)
  13. Sahar Shahamatdar (Honors)
  14. Sarah Parker (Honors)
  15. Sebastien Crouzet (Postdoc)
  16. Shengping Zhang (Postdoc)
  17. Stephane Bonneaud (Postdoc)
  18. Xiaxi Li (RA)
  19. Yanhao Zhang (Visitor)
  20. Zachary Nado (Honors)