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Recommended coursework for undergraduate students

Math: Students should have a solid background in linear algebra and matrix theory. Knowledge of differential equations is also highly recommended for students interested in biophysically-realistic modeling of neural circuits (e.g., compartmental models, Hodgkin-Huxley model, etc). Less so for students interested in higher level modeling.

Relevant courses include:

  • Statistics and probability background
  • Computer science: Students should have some programming knowledge in Matlab and/or python and C.
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  1. Recommended coursework for undergraduate students
  2. Faculty with computational neuroscience research
    Recommended Courses on Computational Modeling
  1. Methods & programming
  2. Biostats & bioengineering
  3. Methods & data analysis
  4. Computational vision
  5. Computational cognitive science / neuroscience
  6. Neuroscience
  7. Mathematical & Computations