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In analyzing a scene, we make the easiest judgments first

Brown News Office

Article by David Orenstein.

Posted September, 2015

Reducing Myc gene activity extends healthy lifespan in mice

Brown News Office

Mice with one rather than the normal two copies of the gene Myc (also found in humans) lived 15 percent longer and had considerably healthier lives than normal mice, according to a new Brown University-led study in Cell. Article by David Orenstein.

Posted January, 2015

Computer based video in behavioral studies

Brown News Office

Computer-based video analysis boosts data gathering in behavioral studies. Article by David Orenstein

Posted August, 2010

Reverse engineering the brain

Biomedical Computation Review

Article by by Roberta Friedman, PhD

Posted April, 2009

Future watch: understanding the brain

PC Magazine

Article by Logan Kugler

Posted August, 2008

Visions of the future


Our work was featured as part of the BBC series “Visions of the Future"

Posted February, 2008