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A computer with a great eye is about to transform botany


Article by Margaret Rhodes

Posted March, 2016

Computer vision can help classify leaves

Brown News Office

So complex are patterns and variations in the vein structures of leaves that botanists struggle to take advantage of them when trying to classify a specimen within the plant kingdom. A new study shows that computer vision technology can provide automated assistance by “learning” how to use venation to assign leaves to their proper family and order. Article by David Orenstein.

Posted March, 2016

Linking two labs a learning opportunity for Ph.D. student

Brown News Office

Aaron Held’s research merges and draws on the expertise of two of the labs in Brown’s broad effort to combat ALS. That role has given him several opportunities to learn novel skills and new science during graduate school. Article by David Orenstein.

Posted January, 2016

In analyzing a scene, we make the easiest judgments first

Brown News Office

Article by David Orenstein.

Posted September, 2015

Reducing Myc gene activity extends healthy lifespan in mice

Brown News Office

Mice with one rather than the normal two copies of the gene Myc (also found in humans) lived 15 percent longer and had considerably healthier lives than normal mice, according to a new Brown University-led study in Cell. Article by David Orenstein.

Posted January, 2015

Computer based video in behavioral studies

Brown News Office

Computer-based video analysis boosts data gathering in behavioral studies. Article by David Orenstein

Posted August, 2010